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Installation: Giving awareness to LEED Certification.



Libraries have the unique ability of invite all nationalities and skill levels through its doors. These footsteps are not only used to indicate how much knowledge enters or leaves but also the unique community that works tirelessly to change the world as we know it.

How it works


Displayed front and center, users can understand the benefits of LEED Certification in the James Hunt Library on NC States Campus however, through interaction they would also learn that others aren't as fortunate in the rest of the world. During moments of interaction, users can directly acknowledge both sides of the coin, both micro and macro views of these world wide issues.


LEED Certification


A company can earn points across several categories, including energy use and air quality. Based on the number of points achieved, a project then earns one of four LEED rating levels: Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum. Hunt Library is currently a Gold rating in the LEED guidelines.



I wanted to tie together these moments of interaction with resources that was being used. For instance when a plug is pushed into a socket the resource that is being used is electricity, however Hunt uses solar panels to counter balance the usage and ultimately become more green.


The same is done with paper towels. Hunt uses recycled paper and electric hand dryers to generate an environmental footprint of nearly zero.

Book bot


One of the largest energy savers in this library is the Book Bot that can house over two million items in a climate-controlled environment. This device takes up 1/9th the storage that would normally be needed for this amount of books and papers. With limited space needed, electric heating and cooling costs go down significantly. Lastly, the ability to keep the books in a non abrasive area increases the longevity of the books, thus requiring less to be thrown out.

DESIGN IS always evolving


This was one of the first projects that I've done at this scale so it came with it's fair share of bumps. In the future I would love to revisit this project and push the ideas further with co-user collaboration at its forefront. I also feel like pushing the typography further would combine the feel and message, creating a larger impact on the viewer.