Aggregation Curation


Workshop: Aims to challenge the (physical & digital) form of the “list.”



We designed this workshop around AIGA's Designer 2025: Aggregation Curation. In the article it delved into the vastness of information and examples of programs that gives users the ability to curate their own content. Programs such as Spotify and Netflix display curated content in the form of a linear list. What if this list wasn't linear? That is what this workshop aims to explore.


To start we broke down the different attributes of aggregation curation and where it lives. (shown below)


"Aggregation can enhance experiences but limit exposure to information, challenging designers to implement new communication strategies." - Meredith Davis

How it works


Participants were given different size sheets of plain paper and given the task of creating functional lists that were anything but linear. Once the independent phase was completed the participants would form a group and bring their iterations together to form a larger system of lists. They then would get a context to work off of and ultimately have an abstract functional list. The last phase is to create a codification of their functional list.

Independent Work


Initial independent work phase for generating rough formal ideas outside of a particular context. Produce 5-10 (or more) unique formal concepts for constructing a list. Use only the provided tools to construct your ideas. Photograph work in progress.




Individual designers unite to respond to a context (of your choosing or one provided to you), synthesizing individual ideas into a larger system. Teams are assigned according to table seating. In this phase, use only the ideas generated in phase 1. If time allows, groups are encouraged to produce more than one system. Photograph work in progress.



Teams particularize their formal decisions and/or reinvent their system to better address the workshop goals. Refine forms in order to construct a “final” version/s of your list system. If time allows, groups are encouraged to refine more than one system.



Teams write out explicit procedures or rules for others to recreate and/or reproduce their list system. Describe features and unique attributes about your system. How do they address the design context you chose or were assigned to? Document the final result/s within the “fabricated environment.”

Virtual Reality Gallery


Along with other workshops from AIGA's Designer 2025, the aggregation and curation workshop was on display in a local gallery for two months.


Click the link to get a 360 view of the gallery.