Dmitri Knapp


I have always had an interest in big data. It is our gateway for future thinking and should be utilized with the utmost care to avoid bias. Here is my life in data.

Data Visualization


When thinking about this page, I wanted to do something different. I love data visualization because it reminds me of lego's growing up. I had bins on top of bins containing these tiny pieces. When they are all mixed up they are quite useless however when aggregated the outcome can create resolution, perspective, and inspiration for future projects.


Below is my wardrobe, split up by article, article quantity, and color.



The things that you buy the most says a lot about a person. For me it is coffee, Chinese food, and gasoline.



You never know where you are going until you know where you have been. This visualization depicts all the places that I have stayed over one or more nights.

Design is always evolving


I have been heavily getting into data visualization, from aggregating research papers, to showing rap lineage in the form of a taxonomy. The future of this project is to go deeper into my history and to map out my design work flow.


For history, I was adopted so mapping out my family lineage would be useful in knowing more about myself.


For work flow, I am obsessed in making daily tasks more efficient, design or non design, thus understanding points of improvement in my work flow and/or process would greatly benificial.